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Complete Package

•One three ring notebook with dividers
•One pencil pouch
•Pencils (#2 Pencils and Mechanical Pencils)

•Two different colored highlighters
•2 red, blue, and black ballpoint pens
•One set of colored fine tip pens and pencils 
•College ruled notebook paper
•Scientific calculator
•Three boxes of Kleenex 
•Post-it Notes

•Composition Notebook


Just the Basics​

•One three ring notebook with dividers
•Yellow Highlighter
•2 red ballpoint pens
•Colored Pencils

•2 packs of notebook paper

•#2 Pencils

•3x3 inch post-its

•1.5x2 inch post-its

•2 composition notebooks

•Glue stick

Packages are based on the 2017-2018 IMS school supplies list.

School Supplies Packages

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