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Frequently Asked Questions

​​If you cannot find your question or concern here, contact us.

​Who can buy school supplies from HelpEduc8?

At this time we only sell supplies to Islander Middle School students/families.

Where do I pick up my supplies?

Please pick up pre-ordered packages at the IMS Back-to-School Event in August 2018.

This event will be located at Mercer Island High School.

​Note: If you cannot make this event, we will email you afterwards with instructions for pickup.

How do I order school supplies?

​1. Visit www.helpeduc8.org.

2.  Go to the “Order Supplies” page by clicking on the menu option at the top of the screen.

3.  Scroll down to the “Packages" section and click the "Add to Cart" button under the package(s) you would like to order. 

Notice: There are no longer separate packages for 6th graders and 7/8th graders. Necessary supplies for all grades are included in our "Complete Package".

4.  You will then be directed to a digital receipt.  To continue shopping for additional packages or supplies, click "Continue Shopping" (button on the lower left).  

You have the option to add any additional supplies that you want to add to your package, or you can create a customized package by ordering individual supplies you would like in your box.

5.  When you are finished with your order, click the "Check Out" button on the digital receipt screen, OR, if you have an account with PayPal, click "Check Out with PayPal".  Fill out the required information for your payment.

6. Your order is complete!

What if I missed ordering?

​We will have extra packages available for purchase at the IMS Back-to-School event (located at Mercer Island High School) in August. Packages cost $75 and can be purchased at the event with cash or check only.